common names of birds

Arthur Chapman arthur at ERIN.GOV.AU
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>>       As a famous mammalogist once  confided in me:
>>"There are really only 3 kinds of birds out there --
>>Big Brown birds, Little Brown birds, and Medium-Size
>>Brown birds.
>>        Simple.
>>        Krishtalka

Krishtalka reminds me of a recent meeting in Indonesia
where we were conducting a workshop with users of taxonomic
information and when it was suggested that Dipteriocarpaceae
(one of the major families of forest trees in Indonesia)
needed a lot more work as there were quite a few species
undescribed - a forester said what do we need to know about
all these species for - there are four main types:

The red ones that float
The red ones that sink
The yellow ones that float and
The yellow ones that sink


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