Postdoctoral Position Announcement

Khidir W. Hilu hilukw at VT.EDU
Wed Jun 28 14:43:28 CDT 1995

Dear Colleagues:

I have an opening for a postdoctoral position for one year (12 months)
starting August 20,1995), with possible extension.  The postdoctoral person
will be expected to carry on research that emphasizes molecular systematics
and evolution in flowering plants using DNA sequencing.  Part of the
project will be the completion of an ongoing RFLP study of four cereal
grasses.  The person should have laboratory experince in DNA amplification,
cloning and sequencing.
The salary includes fringe benefits, and will be around $22,500.  Those
interested in this position, please send a cover letter stating your area
of experties and research interest, along with a CV to:
Khidir W. Hilu, Dept. of Biology, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg  VA 24061.

You may contact me by e-mail at:   HILUKW at VT.EDU

I will be out of town until July 16.  If for some reason you need to speak
to me before July 16, you may obtain a contact telephone number from our
Biology Office at: 703-231-6407

Khidir W. Hilu

Phone: 703-231-5407
Fax:   703-231-9307

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