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Gary Noonan carabid at CSD.UWM.EDU
Thu Jun 1 13:15:27 CDT 1995

        Atlas GIS might meet your needs. The June issue of Systematic
Biology will have a review of the DOS version. I now recommend the Windows
version. It does the same things for the most part as the DOS version but is
easier to use. You can read the forthcoming review and decide if the program
features meet your needs.

At 09:41 AM 6/1/95 -0500, Kenneth A Christiansen wrote:
>Taxacom members-
>   I am searching for a mapping program which I could either scan in or
>define regions on a world map and then imbed data values in the map. It is
>for biogeography paper using similarity and endemicity values. Any ideas or
>suggestions of who I might ask about this would be appreciated.
>                                   -Roy Rich, Grinnell College
>Please send email to Christak at

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