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Fri Jun 2 12:11:36 CDT 1995

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From: Regis B. Miller:S32A
Date: ## 06/02/95 08:11 ##
In addition to Little's book (1979), there are earlier versions which
are even more interesting.  In particular I suggest you obtain the
following:   Sudworth, G.B. 1927. Check List of the Forest Trees of
the United States.  USDA, Misc. Circular 92.
In this book States are listed for each common name which does
show some local influence.
You can find such common names as 'savice' used in TN for serviceberry
(Amelanchier).  However, they do not list the name 'sarvice' which
is used in southwestern PA and probably other areas as well.
Of course if you really want to get confused, look as some of the
Australian common names!  Mountain ash is Eucalyptus regnans and the
name maple is applied to several 'unrelated' genera including
Flindersia (Rutaceae), Endiandra (Lauraceae), and Cryptocarya

Regis B. Miller
USDA, FS, Forest Products Lab
Madison, WI

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From: Bruce Parfitt:X400
Date: ## 06/01/95 16:52 ##

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