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Gary Noonan carabid at CSD.UWM.EDU
Tue Jun 6 13:42:35 CDT 1995

        The Windows version of Atlas GIS can digitize--although I haven't
yet used this feature. An important point to remember is that GIS software
such as Atlas GIS and MAPINFO not only make maps but also can perform
extensive geographic analyses. NSF (Taxonomic experts, systematic
monographs. Report of a panel-workshop... 1995) and Systematics Agenda 2000
have recommended using GIS software. My point is that systematists are
probably better off in choosing GIS software because it can do formerly
impossible geographic analyses that will increasingly probably be expected
as part of grant funded research.  I don't know if QUIKmap  can do
geographic analyses.
         We probably should use two terms: "GIS programs" for  software that
can both do maps and also can perform geographic analyses; and "mapping
programs" for programs that simply make maps showing geographic distributions.

At 12:49 PM 6/6/95 PDT, Consaul, Laurie wrote:
>At the National Herbarium of Canada we evaluated several mapping programs
>including Spans and Mapinfo (for OUR needs) and settled on the program
>QUIKmap to handle our mapping.
>As with Atlas GIS and MapInfo, the DOS version can digitize, while the new
>Windows version cannot, yet.
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>National Herbarium of Canada
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