Oaks, Confidence and keys

Robert Raven R.Raven at MAILBOX.UQ.OZ.AU
Thu Jun 15 07:52:19 CDT 1995

On Wed, 14 Jun 1995, Richard Jensen wrote:

> I take exception, from personal experience, with the view that keys are

> fact, for the taxa covered, I don't need a key - I can examine specimens
> and make determinations based on my own experience and knowledge.  Most
> potential users aren't familiar with all of the taxa and need a key to
> help them sort things out.
Lucky you. Now try revsiing the eucalypts and live without a key. My last
*paper* was on 20 genera abd 150 species. I don't have much a hope
without a key. Also, my animals don't stand so tall and beautiful so that
there chance that you don't have all species and what wonderful errors
you can make like that...

Robert Raven, Queensland Museum, Australia.

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