The name of the Orchid

Thu Jun 15 17:20:34 CDT 1995

Dear all,

   I post rather infrequently on Taxacom, generally preferring
to lurk in the background, but this time I have a problem which,
with my poor knowledge of nomenclature, is causing me some
troubles. I am trying to define the parental lineages of some
orchid hybrids by DNA methods. One of my hybrids was described as
Orchis alata Fleury, and the author did not recognize it as a hybrid.
   Now, I feel I have proven its hybrid origin and detected its
parents, and I would like to give it a name. I was
thinking of O. x alata, but the only relevant article I can find
in the Tokyo code is H.10.2, which sends me back to 50.1. As far
as I understand the matter, my hybrid should be called O. x alata
Fleury (pro sp.).
My question is the following:
Is it sufficient to include this "new status" in the text of the
paper and go on, or should I do something more formal (bold face,
stat. nov., complete indication of parents, citation of the
type(s), and so on and so forth)?
   I apologize for the probable naivete of my question, but it
is the first time I face hybrid nomenclature.



P.S.: I wonder whether this is of general interest: please, reply
to me personally. If I get an appreciable amount of replies, I
will post a synopsis.

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ÿÿ    The name of the Orchid

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