More icecream in the rain forest

Joseph Laferriere joseph at BIO2.COM
Thu Jun 1 07:44:00 CDT 1995

Footnote to my comment yesterday on whether "rainforest" should be one word
or two:

The Council of Biology Editors Style Manual gives an excellent discussion of
when two terms should be joined as a single word, hyphenated, or separated
by a space. While they do not discuss "rainforest" directly, this term falls
very clearly into the pattern for which they recommend should be written as
a single word unless a firmly established custom is already widely accepted
dictating that it must be written separately. They give several fine
examples illustrating the ambiguities which can arise if such terms are
separated in complex sentences. If a two-part term is used as an adjective,
as in "rain forest ecology," this can lead to all sorts of confusion. I
recommend their argument as one which strongly supports my preference for
joining the two terms into one.

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