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Barrie Robinson brobinso at LEVEN.APPCOMP.UTAS.EDU.AU
Fri Jun 2 09:51:01 CDT 1995

>May I hasten to point out that the journal formerly called Systematic
>Zoology is now called Systematic Biology?

I was very interested to note that the above journal (as Syst. Zoo.),
reprinted a paper by L.A.S. Johnson, an eminent Australian botanical

The paper was entitled "Rainbow's End: the Quest for an Optimal Taxonomy."
I gather that they normally never reprint papers (who does?), but it was
felt that the substance of this paper was of such interest to zoologists,
and the original publication most unlikely to be found by them, that it was
worth reprinting.

I think this says something positive about the attitude of some zoologists!


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