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Robert Raven R.Raven at MAILBOX.UQ.OZ.AU
Fri Jun 2 12:19:21 CDT 1995

On Thu, 1 Jun 1995, Gary Noonan wrote:

>         Atlas GIS might meet your needs. The June issue of Systematic
> Biology will have a review of the DOS version. I now recommend the Windows
> version. It does the same things for the most part as the DOS version but is
> easier to use. You can read the forthcoming review and decide if the program
> features meet your needs.
> At 09:41 AM 6/1/95 -0500, Kenneth A Christiansen wrote:
> >Taxacom members-
> >   I am searching for a mapping program which I could either scan in or

We have examined four programs for mapping. We currenly use Mapinfo for
Windoze but that is not as satisfactory as its DOS predecessot was,
expecially in its inability to digitise in new maps and to export the
maps as CGM files for use as 35mm slides. I understood that Atlas has
exactly the same problem (it may have changed) and that their workaround
was to give you free the DOS version which can digitise (etc?).

The other one that looks good is ARCview for Windoze but that can't
digitise either. You have to buy the full pack of ARCInfo which here in
AUstralia is around $6000.

The fourth one we looked at looks wonderful because it is written for
several platforms and has almost full Unix power when running on an OS/2
machine. That is Spans.

If you want a copy of my bitch to the Mapinfo folk about its
shortcomings, I'll be happy to oblige. You can see some of the maps I've
done in Memoirs of the Queensland Museum vol 35 part 2, 1994.
Good luck!
Robert J Raven, Museum Scientist (Arachnology)
Queensland Museum, Brisbane, Australia

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