Beetle larvae - INTKEY package and WWW descriptions (xDelta-l)

Mike Dallwitz miked at ENTO.CSIRO.AU
Tue Jun 6 18:38:11 CDT 1995

An INTKEY package and HTML descriptions for larvae of the Elateriformia
(Coleoptera) are available via gopher or anonymous ftp from        (directory: /pub/delta/beetle)        (directory: /delta/beetle)
and via WWW from
Instructions for downloading and installing the INTKEY package are in the
file beetle.1st.

The INTKEY package is self contained, but can also be used to upgrade the
    Lawrence, J. F., Hastings, A. M., Dallwitz, M. J. and Paine, T. A.
    (1993). `Beetle Larvae of the World: Interactive Identification and
    Information Retrieval for Families and Sub-families.' CD-ROM, Version
    1.0 for MS-DOS. (CSIRO Publications: Melbourne.)
to take full advantage of the enhancements in the Windows version of INTKEY.

The HTML descriptions were generated from the same DELTA database as the
INTKEY package. They include links to images illustrating the characters and
taxa, and diagnostic descriptions (generated by INTKEY) which distinguish
each taxon in at least two respects from every other taxon in the full
`Beetle Larvae of the World' database.

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