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Joseph Laferriere joseph at BIO2.COM
Tue Jun 6 09:51:00 CDT 1995

From: Joseph Laferriere
To: owner-taxacom
Subject: fedde
Date: Monday 05 June 1995 8:36AM

     I am writing to request some emergency library help from anyone who
might have access to volume 31 of Botanische Jahrbuch (1901). Our library
does not have this volume and I need this info ipso pronto. Interlibrary
Loan might work, but would take weeks which I do not have.
    Rumor has it that Fedde on page 103 of volume 31 designated a type for
Mahonia (Berberis) chochoco. Rumor has it that he said "Ehrenberg 1034 at
BM" or something to that effect. I need to know what he said in this regard.
If someone who has easy access to this volume could let me know exactly what
he said, I would be eternally in his/her debt. Translation is unnecessary,
as I can understand it in either German or Latin.
      Thank you kindly.

Joe Laferriere
joseph at bio2.com

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