Barbara Ertter ertter at UCJEPS.HERB.BERKELEY.EDU
Fri Jun 9 16:36:27 CDT 1995

Robert Raven's comment reminds me of the sign I was thinking of having made:
        "Plant Identifications:  10 cents each
         Correct Identifications:  10 bucks each"
Though even this is undoubtedly undervaluing the skill level involved.

Barbara Ertter   ertter at
University and Jepson Herbaria
Berkeley, CA

>I am presently trying to design an interactive form that will allow
>ecologists who want spiders identified to establish fairly closely how
>much it will cost for various levels of error, eg. I do it all ("0%
>error) to you do it all (80% error). Granting agencies here are funding
>only about 80% of the requested fund on each grant, at best and taxonomy
>is what gets dropped out of these proposals because I think it isn;t well
>enough documented what they get.

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