FW: Confidence and keys

Curtis Clark jcclark at CSUPOMONA.EDU
Thu Jun 15 07:49:27 CDT 1995

Date sent: 15-JUN-1995

 >>Leaves simple ......
 >>Leaves compound ......
 >     Leaflets one .....
 >     Leaflets more than one .......

 >When I strike such a situation, which seems to be often when making keys in
 >Cyperaceae and Juncaceae, my response is to include species open to
 >misinterpretation on both sides of the lead in question. It makes for a
 >longer key but it does cater for both the homologically (is there such a
 >word??) knowledgeable and for the non-specialist.

How about:

Leaves simple, or compound but appearing simple, with only one leaflet
Leaves compound with more than one leaflet

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