Hawaiian Snail Catalog Available

Scott Miller scottm at BISHOP.BISHOP.HAWAII.ORG
Sun Jun 18 13:48:11 CDT 1995


Hawaiian land snails are textbook cases for biodiversity and conservation
studies. Many groups have undergone a tremendous amount of extinction and
depletion of numbers in the last few decades. Many species are or will be
listed soon as Endangered Species. Some genera (e.g., Achatinella) are
classic examples of explosive speciation on tropical islands.

The latest contribution to the Hawaii Biological Survey, just published,
offers scientists, educators, conservationists, ecologists, and others, a
complete enumeration of the land and freshwater snail fauna of the
Hawaiian Islands.

Cowie, R.H., Evenhuis, N.L. & Christensen, C.C. 1995. Catalog of the
native land and freshwater molluscs of the Hawaiian Islands. Backhuys
Publishers, Leiden. vi + 248 p.

The Hawaii Biological Survey (HBS) plans to have the checklist of this
publication on-line soon. This will have been made possible by
collaboration with the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History. Hopefully
the full version (updatable) will become available eventually. The checklist
(when available on-line) can be accessed on the HBS webserver:


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