Mike D's rational comments (NOT grandiosity!)

David Maddison beetle at AG.ARIZONA.EDU
Mon Jun 19 13:28:33 CDT 1995

Regarding Mike Ivie's comments on Mike Dallwitz's sentence
(which was "No one should be contemplating constructing conventional keys as
identification aids, as interactive identification is so much better").

In response to Robin Wilson's sentence:

>You can't put sentences like the previous and the next together, referring
>to the same subject, and expect people to take you seriously.

I disagree completely.  I think Mike's main point is simply that, as much
as he likes interactive keys, it is unrealistic (and self-centered) to expect
the rest of the world to follow the same path, for whatever reasons.

Robin W also said:

>Well, I can't believe that Mike knew he would have been construed as
>laying down the law to 80 year old systematists (with or without bad

It is hard to imagine how else to interpret Mike D's sentence.  Now
I would be surprised if Mike D intended his sentence to be
quite so strong.  But if he did, then I echo Mike Ivie's concern that
there are situations where conventional keys, all things considered,
are better choices than interactive identification systems.

And as far as expense goes, DELTA is very expensive if one has to
buy an IBM compatible system along with it, for those of us who love
Macs. :-)


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