Nat. Biol. Service

Elaine Hoagland, ASC MNHAS001 at SIVM.SI.EDU
Fri Jun 23 17:04:32 CDT 1995

The current plan to be voted upon in the House Appropriations Committee
next Tuesday is to transfer the money formerly allotted to the National
Biol. Service (NBS) directly to the US Geol. Survey, for the purpose of
"resources research".
  Funds would be expended on cooperative units in the states and some of
the functions of the NBS, but with radical new restrictions that would
prohibit any new surveys on private lands (whether or not they had the
permission of land owners!). All program funds to support volunteers
would be forbidden as well. $121 million would be allocated, to be spent
over 2 years (until Sept. 30, 1997). This is a deal worked out by Newt
Gingrich and Ralph Regula (subcommittee chair) with a caucus of Western
congressmen yesterday. The presentation heard by Gingrich and Regula was
one-sided --- only those in opposition to NBS were involved. Note that
in the process of debating this issue, the word "biology" has
disappeared. We cannot let others define our vocabulary and turn our
profession into a dirty word in Washington! This issue is bigger than
even the NBS. Biologists, esp. systematists and environ. biologists,
must reach Congress and the media. Call your Congressman(women) to
protest. (202) 225-3121.

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