On the level of these discussions...

Davila Aranda at
Tue Jun 27 07:18:38 CDT 1995

For Joe Kirkbride: I just want to make a couple of comments regarding the
computarization in Latinamerica.  I think that it is not exactly correct
from you part, saying that every where in Latinamerica we have at least a
PC 486.  Many institutions in Mexico, in the different countries of
Central America and also South America still lack a computer.  I might
risk to say that even in Brazil there are many museums and herbaria that
do not have access to a computer.
Also, I would like to say that you are completely right, Macs are not
common in Latinamerica due to the fact that they are extremely
expensive.  Purchasing a Mac, at least in Mexico, will be paying
approximately three times its price.  On the other hand PCs are cheaper
and more accesible.  Patricia Davila

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