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A collaborative project between the University of Reading, UK
and The Natural History Museum, UK funded by NERC

**Origins and Relationships of Pelargonium with emphasis on the
African/Australian Divide.**

A five year project to combine new sequence, morphological and
geographical data on the genus Pelargonium in a synthesis that will help
both in understanding of evolution in Pelargonium and interpretation of
the vegetational links between Africa and Australia.

Pelargonium comprises some 250 species, over 90% being confined to the
continent of Africa, fewer than 5% of species occur in Australia and
Madagascar.  The genus shows remarkable morphological variation and
includes woody shrubs, succulents, geophytes, herbaceous perennials and
annuals, and classification at sectional level has been largely on
vegetative characters.  Collaborative research involving morphological,
anatomical, phytochemical and karyologicla data has provided evidence that
gives partial support to the sectional classification.  Although the
realtionships between sections are not fully resolved there is evidence of
a major division into two groups based on karyological, chemical and
sequence data.

The relationship of the African species with those of Australia and
Madagascar remains unresolved.  Three areas of the genome will be
investigated, two from chloroplast DNA and one from nuclear DNA, to permit
comparison among closely related taxa and to examine higher taxonomic

It is expected the applicant will hold a PhD in a relevant research
discipline and will have some knowledge of DNA sequencing and cladistic
methodologies.  A salary in the region of Pounds sterling 13,941-15,566 is
available.  The applicant must be available to start by 30th April, 1995.

Enquiries and applications including a full Curriculum Vitae should be
sent to
Dr A. Culham
Botany Department,
School of Plant Sciences,
University of Reading,
Reading RG6 2AS,
United Kingdom

FAX: (0734) 753676
E-mail: sbsculam at

Closing date for applications is Monday 13th March.

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