Herbarium plant drying cabinets

Mon Mar 13 16:35:57 CST 1995

I have had such a tremendous response to my query about drying
cabinets and found so many other people also looking for information,
that I thought it might be useful to summarize what I've found:

1.  Many respondents mentioned Lane Scientific Company in New York.
Except for an alarming tendency for the cord to become brittle and
a fire hazard, their cabinets seem to suffice.  A quote as of 3/13/95 is
$1515.00 per unit, freight included.  Their number is 212-563-0663
and their address is Lane Science Equipment Corp. of 225 West 34th
St., New York, NY 10122.

2.  Herbarium Supply Co. in California will work with the Steel
Fixture Manufacturing Company to modify a standard herbarium case so
that it can be used as a dryer.  This involves replacing the regular
dividers with metal mesh shelving and including vents in the door.  A
Wal-mart Special small space heatr can then be installed by the
purchaser (almost everyone who responded mentioned having to replace
the original heater in a Lane, anyway...) The price I was quoted was
ca. $525, which seems low compared to what Lane wants and to their
own price for a herbarium case, but then I suppose a drying cupboard
doesn't need the airtight seals and all the shelves a case does...
Herbarium Supply Co. can be reached at 800-348-2338; Steel Fixture
Manufacturing Company's number is 800-342-9180.

3.  Someone mentioned manufactured Kewaunee Mfg. Co. in Adrian,
Michigan.   Does anyone have an address or phone number for them?

If anyone comes up with anything else, please post it.  Apparently
the taxonomic world is at least marginally fascinated by the subject.

Monique Reed
College Station, TX

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