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Wed Mar 15 13:18:09 CST 1995

I am forwarding this to the TAXACOM list and hope some fish person will help.
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>I know I am searching in the wrong gopher, but after spending more than an
>hour on-line I decided to give this a try. Please excuse my general lack of
>knowledge about internet, but I am trying hard to learn the system! And if
>possible would this message be forwarded to the right gopher,or other system
>A marine biology/marine artist does not believe in the power of internet and
>all the people will to share information, so fellow interneter's let's show
>him! As I mentioned Mr.Compton is a marine artist. He specializes in painting
>reef dwelling tropical fish, and hopes soon to publish a book of his painting
>and writings on tropical fish. Well, Hank has complained to me that he has
>been unable to locate any reference to Linophryna Arborforia Cerioid Angler
>citing; the last information sometime in the 50's.
>Let me explain that I am not a biologist; although I served aboard Mr.
>Compton research vessel the Western Gulf many, many years ago. I am an
>artist, and as I am writing this I wonder if my dear friend is playing a joke
>on me. But I thing not I know he has run into road blocks before in his quest
>for photo of rare tropical fish, and I am assuming that this happens to be
>one of those occasions.
>So if anyone knows of a reference to Linophryna Arborforia Cerioid Angler
>later than the mid 50's, or perhaps knows where to forward this message to
>someone that does, please e-mail me. I would like to show Henry that
>technology especially the internet can provide us with almost unlimited
>information. I know it has in my field, ceramics. The Clayart gopher that I
>subscribe to on many days contains over 1000 lines of sometime very useful
>Thank you for your kindness in letting a non-scientific type on-line.
>Tim Maddux
>Corpus Christi, Texas, USA

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