Cypripedium locations

Case Martha A macase at FACSTAFF.WM.EDU
Wed Mar 15 16:16:16 CST 1995

To all persons who have not previously been contacted by us:

This spring, two students of mine, Lisa Wallace and Henry
Mlodozeniec, will be collaborating with me on my research on the
Yellow Lady's Slipper Complex in N. America.  In particular, we will
need to collect Cypripedium kentuckiense and two varieties within the
Yellow Lady's Slipper, Cypripedium parviflorum var. parviflorum and
C. parv. var. pubescens from regions in the Eastern US (i.e., east
of Texas and south of Ohio and Indiana).  Our techniques require us
to sample a small piece of fresh leaf tissue for our analyses.  We
therefore are trying to obtain location information for populations
to sample from this spring.  These populations should ideally contain
more than 20 individuals.  We are also particularly interested in
finding sympatric populations (of any size) for any combination of
the above taxa.

If you have location information for these taxa that you will share,
we would very much appreciate hearing from you. You can return the
information to my E-mail (or at the address below) and I will forward
the information to my students.  Thank you very much.

Martha Case
Assistant Professor
The College of William & Mary
Williamsburg, VA  23187-8795

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