Binomial elimination

Robin Leech robinl at NAIT.AB.CA
Thu Mar 16 23:01:29 CST 1995

Monomials.  Won't they be fun?  Just imagine if we got rid of all of our
last names, the family names, the ones that unite all the Shattucks or
the Rentzes or the Leeches or whomever we wish to cite.  If only my
father and I are the ones who publish, then things are OK, cuz his name
was Hugh and mine is Robin.  But, I know several other Hughs and Robins
who publish.  If we apply the laws or priority or numerical dominance,
then I think that my father's name Hugh will persist, and mine may go
(Wonder how many papers Robin Wootton has publshed, anyway).

Cumon, guys, get serious.

Robin.  Guess I will have to publish under the name Turdus and declare
all my publications published under Robin as invalid senior synonyms of

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