Binomial elimination (fwd)

Jim Croft jrc at ANBG.GOV.AU
Sat Mar 18 14:02:08 CST 1995

> Or...Homo at sapiens L.

Now we are finally getting somewhere!

Better to give each taxon its own internet address:

sapiens at homo.hominidae.anthropoidea.primates.mamalia.vertebrata.chordata

These could then be aliased, mirrored, proxied and linked in various
ways to take into account the fact that no two taxonomists or
systematists will ever agree with each other, thus comfortably
representing the plethora of alternative views of the world.

A bonus in asigning each taxon a unique internet address, is that you
have a ready made repository for all information pertaining to it, a
site we can all post our hoarded data to.  Yes, a Web site for each
terminal clade, and a Web crawler to index all the information and we can
dispense with systematists and code jockeys altogether...

Well - it's no worse than most of the other proposals on this topic - a
topic that has become veritable oasis of erudition on the arid arena
of the internet.

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