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I like this one (thanks) and I will keep a copy at my site with URL:

  also there are Robert O'Hara's "Today in the Historical Sciences" at:  and

  Pictures Provided by Marco Bleeker (incomplete) at:

  which may be of interest to some of the list members.

OK, here it goes HTML format copy of Anthony R. Brach's List of WWW sites of
interest to botanists:


<TITLE>List of WWW Sites of Interest to Botanists</TITLE>

<H1><B>List of WWW Sites of Interest to Botanists</B></H1>

 Arizona Nature Conservancy</A>
<li><A HREF="gopher://">Arnold
<li><A HREF="">
Australian Environmental Resources Information - Biodiversity at the
 Species Level - Flora</A>
<li><A HREF="">Australian National Botanic
<li><A HREF="\bartlett.htm">The
 Bartlett Arboretum</A>
<li><A HREF="">Biodiversity
 and Biological Collections WWWs (Botany)</A>
 Biologist's Guide to Internet Resources by Una R. Smith 1993</A>
<li><A HREF="">BIOSCI/bionet Electronic Newsgroup
 for Biology</A>
<li><A HREF="">
 Bishop Museum Botany Page</A>
<li><A HREF="">Botany Department
 (University of Georgia)</A>
<li><A HREF="">Brazilian Botany</A>
<li><A HREF="">British Trees</A>
<li><A HREF="">California Academy of
 Sciences WWW Server</A>
<li><A HREF="">California State University
 Stanislaus Botany 3700 Home Page</A>
<li><A HREF="">Connecticut College
<li><A HREF="">Dendrome Project</A>
<li><A HREF="\_fdlist.htm">Detailed
 Family Descriptions</A>
<li><A HREF="">Flora of
<li><A HREF="">Flora
<li><A HREF="">Flora of North America</A>
<li><A HREF="">The
 Garden Gate</A>
<li><A HREF="">Garden Net</A>
 Gray Card Index</A>
<li><A HREF="">Hydroponics (IUWF)</A>
<li><A HREF="">The
 Intermountain Herbarium, Utah State University</A>
<li><A HREF="">International
 Organization of Paleobotany</A>
<li><A HREF="">
 International Organization for Plant Information</A>
<li><A HREF="">
Investigating Seed Germination (Science and Plants for Schools)</A>
<li><A HREF="">Lichen Herbarium,
 Swedish Museum of Natural History</A>
<li><A HREF="">Lick
 Creek Park Home Page (tour of flora of EC Texas)</A>
<li><A HREF="">The Linne Herbarium,
 Swedish Museum of Natural History</A>
<li><A HREF="">List of
 WWW Sites of Interest to Ecologists</A>
<li><A HREF="">Lythraceae,
 The Loostrifes</A>
<li><A HREF="">McMaster
 University, The Royal Botanical Gardens</A>
<li><A HREF="">Missouri Botanical
<li><A HREF="">Montana Natural
 Heritage Program</A>
<li><A HREF="">National Biological Service
<li><A HREF="">The Natural History Museum (London)</A>
<li><A HREF="">Oklahoma Museum of
 Natural History (Oklahoma Biological Survey)</A>
<li><A HREF="">Oklahoma
 Natural Heritage Inventory</A>
<li><A HREF="">Organismic and Evolutionary Biology,
 Harvard University (links to herbarium and arboretum gopher servers)</A>
<li><A HREF="">
 Palynology and Paleoclimatology</A>
<li><A HREF="">Plant
 Genome Server</A>
<li><A HREF="">Plant Resources
 Information Laboratory (Q'TAXA)</A>
<li><A HREF="">PLATO Project,
 Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew</A>
<li><A HREF="">Poisons Information
 Database: Natural Toxins and Poisons in Plants Found in Singapore</A>
<li><A HREF="">Pukeiti
 Rhododendron Trust</A>
<li><A HREF="">The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew</A>
<li><A HREF="">SMASCH Project</A>
<li><A HREF="">Smithsonian
 Natural History, Department of Botany</A>
 List Serve Archives</A>
<li><A HREF="">Texas A and M
 University, Plant Taxonomy</A>
<li><A HREF="">Texas
 Threatened and Endangered Species</A>
<li><A HREF="">Time-Life Virtual Garden</A>
<li><A HREF="">The Tree
 of Life Home Page</A>
<li><A HREF="">TROPICOS via
 Remote Managing Gigabytes</A>
<li><A HREF="">UK Plant Genetic
 Resources Group</A>
<li><A HREF="">University of
 California - Berkeley Museum (Public Exhibits)</A>
<li><A HREF="">University
 of Connecticut Greenhouses</A>
<li><A HREF="gopher://">
 University of Delaware Botanic Gardens</A>
<li><A HREF="">University of
 Florida Herbarium (FLAS)</A>
<li><A HREF="">University of
 Guelph, Botany Department</A>
<li><A HREF="">University of Toronto Botany
<li><A HREF="">University
 of Washington, Medicinal Herb Garden</A>
<li><A HREF="gopher://">University of
 Wisconsin, Botany Gopher</A>
 Vatican Exhibit - Herbals</A>

For additions or corrections, please contact:
<A HREF="mailto:brach at">Anthony R. Brach</A>

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