Taxonomy, man's oldest profession...

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Hedgepeth, Joel Walker
Taxonomy, man's oldest profession
Stockton, California: University of the Pacific, 1961.  18p.
(Eleventh Annual University of the Pacific Faculty Research Lecture)

Library, California Academy of Sciences: QL351.H43 1961

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On Mon, 27 Mar 1995, Alan Kabat wrote:

> An old, but still relevant reference is: Hedgpeth, Joel W. "Taxonomy:
> man's oldest profession" -- based upon a talk given at the Univ. of the
> Pacific in the early 1960s, I believe (I don't have this reference
> here).
> Apropos folk taxonomy, i.e., Ernst Mayr and the New Guinea birds -- when
> Dr. Mayr gave a talk at Harvard on his discovery that the natives
> recognized all but one species as recognized by the ornithologists, Jim
> Watson (of DNA fame) stood up and said that this proved that one doesn't
> have to be literate to do taxonomy!
> Watson was wrong -- literacy is a prerequisite for understanding the
> International Code of Zoological (or Botanical) Nomenclature....
> =FF=FF    Classification and Species                                     =

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