What can we do about it?

Jacqueline Soule soule at WSUNIX.WSU.EDU
Wed Mar 29 10:17:04 CST 1995

Robin Leech is correct:

> Well, if we have 0 growth, or negative growth, all of our businesses will
> collapse, cuz all are geared on Keynesian Economics.  That is, we have to
> have positive growth or the whole kebab will collapse.

Perhaps a 21st century solution needs to be developed.

Human use of this planet is currently like a bacterial colony on an agar
plate, we continue to expand towards the edges of a FINITE resource,
leaving an uninhabitable (nutrient poor) mess behind us.  When the
bacteria hit the edges of the plate they ALL die.

Humans must cease this bacteria-like proliferation.
Human economics must correspond to this.
Time to change a 19th century modality.

Anybody out there have any ideas re: economics?  We have all seen that
communalism above the village (kibbutz) level does not work.  What is the
next step?

I have some ideas on this but would like to see some other responses first.

Jacqueline Soule

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