ZPG=economic ruin?

Warren Lamboy warren_lamboy at QMRELAY.MAIL.CORNELL.EDU
Wed Mar 29 16:04:42 CST 1995

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  OFFICE MEMO          ZPG=economic ruin?                     Date:28/03/1995

I strongly disagree with Robin Leech's the contention that zero population
growth will result in economic disaster.  Not being a  professional economist,
I can only refer readers to Ludwig von Mises, F.A. Hayek, Milton Friedman, and
Frederick Bastiat for rebuttals to these kinds of arguments.  Keynesians seem
often to predict economic catastrophe when one suggests something that
conflicts with their established economic policies or assumptions.  I
recommend particularly von Mises's tome "Human Action" for details, or any of
Hayek's shorter volumes.  -  Warren  Lamboy.

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