Human overpopulation

zarazaga zarazaga at CC.CSIC.ES
Thu Mar 30 09:45:04 CST 1995

Another point that nobody has touched (it seems): what about redirecting ALL
the world budgets for weapons & wars towards a more human cause: sustained
productivity? (On the reverse, and _of course_ in a very acid way, we could
propose increasing those budgets, so that damned 'solution' - increasing
death rate -, will work too; I wonder if this is the 'hidden' intention
under our politicians and Keynesian economists: a mankind living on death
and overexploitation of resources). I don't like to be a pesimist (I can
assure you I'm not) but this vision faces me with an old film: Soylent
Green. Do you remember it? I would not like to eat Charlton Heston's sirloin,
of course.
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