Human overpopulation

Art Souther souther at CS.UTEXAS.EDU
Thu Mar 30 10:18:52 CST 1995

>   I've seen a lot of great ideas on this discussion thread, but I can't help
> thinking of that story about belling the cat...   great ideas without action
> (or ideas that cannot be acted upon) is just so much wasted bandwidth.
>       -Tom-
>        Dept. of Biology
>        University of Victoria

True enough. So what are your suggestions for getting actions
underway?  The network seems to be a great way to collect together
ideas that have worked effectively somewhere.  I still have not
received any examples.  Is it just that nobody has seen any, or what?

For example, do people know of effective examples for promoting
biodiversity that we could use in our local schools?  What about talks
people have put together for local groups like the Sierra Club, Garden
Clubs, and even, God forbid, the Chamber of Commerce.  What about
particularly good organizations for promoting local concern about
biodiversity in the 3rd world, or grassroots movements there for
population control?  What about an organized and coordinated network
of international taxonomists who solicit their respective governments
or international organizations on biodiversity issues.  I'm not
talking about small existing panels or one time letters to the
president, but ongoing broad-based actionsamong thouse who stand to
lose as much as half of their future database.

Why is everyone so silent?

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