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Warren Lamboy warren_lamboy at QMRELAY.MAIL.CORNELL.EDU
Thu Mar 30 12:05:40 CST 1995

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  OFFICE MEMO          One final statement about economics    Date:29/03/1995

I do not want this to devolve into an economics discussion group, but I want
to respond with one final comment in reply to Roger McCain's.  I mistakenly
listed Milton Friedman when I intended to list Murray Rothbard.  (I did not
have my economics books at hand for reference.)  I would simply state that one
needs to read the authors I mention and judge the validity of their arguments
for oneself.  One cannot and should not rely on my or anyone else's
interpretations as to the validity of the points they make.  (My own
understanding of their publications would not lead me to characterize their
work in the same way that Roger McCain does.)  I am grateful for the
opportunity to correct my mistake concerning Friedman/Rothbard, and this is
the last I am going to say about economics in this group unless I am severely
and persistently provoked.  -  Warren

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