Univ. Texas reply

Thu Mar 30 18:54:33 CST 1995

If you want to go out and be something other than a biologist, fine, do it,
but don't clutter up taxacom.  If being a biologist doesn't give you better
insight into what is driving human population growth, and the falicy of
the drivel suggested in this forum to combat it, then you aren't using
your education anyway!  5 billion individuals driven by the heritage of
hundreds of millions of years of evolution are not going to be deflected
by a couple of dozen condoms in some classroom.

If you want to make a difference, try to stop famine relief to areas where
the population exceeds the carrying capacity, and other real efforts to
drop the population.  Nothing else can work in the short term.

In the long term, perhaps giving women control of their own economic
well-being in developing countries might help.  The only thing that seems
to drop the birth rate is to free poor women from social and economic
dependency on men who derive their own self values through proving
their fertility frequently.  Just try to convience
me that is going to get any where with the catholics, muslims, and equally
paternal power groups have control!!!

Mike Ivie
P.S. I am a liberal Democrat politically, but this is a biological server!

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