Michael.Chamberland 23274MJC at MSU.EDU
Fri Mar 31 19:24:00 CST 1995

> >If you want to save the world, go do it.  Just don't clutter up this server
> >
> >All in favor, please send an "aye"

> Other places on the net exist for discussing the future of people in the
> world.  I lurk here for the science-related postings, not for sociology.

I vote NAY.  This sounds like an attempt at self-censorship (remember the
thread about moderating this list, a few months back?)

Sure the population thread is somewhat off-topic.  Sure there may be better
groups for discussing it.  I for one needed this discussion to ask WHERE TO
FIND those other lists (since they do not show on a gopher word search for

I think we are adults.   We know when we are straying off topic.  Look,
the population thread has already died down.  These brainstorm sessions
rarely last more than a couple weeks.  If a topic whips up a storm it
shows that people ARE interested in talking about it.  Those that don't
want to participate may use the 'd' key for the interim.

Michael Chamberland

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