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This database comprises 1003 records on nomenclatural types of the
collection, including a few specimens labeled as "type" by the author
thought probably were never validly published. The records have been
taken from the historical collection database, which includes information
on 25,000 specimens, and, in some way, reflects its contents.

Most of the specimens were described and named by Romualdo Gonzalez
Fragoso (773), Raffaele Ciferri (200), and Frantisec Bubak (47). Although
specimens belong to over 30 orders,  about 50% of them are found among
Sphaeropsidales, Coelomycetes, and  Dothideales. Regarding geographic origin,
there are specimens from Spain (577), Dominican Republic (226), Portugal
(86), Iran (20), and some other 14 countries.

Genus names have been checked, and the spelling standardized, mainly with
the reference of "the 7th edition of Ainsworth & Bisby's Dictionary of the
Fungi" (HAWKSWORTH & al., 1983). "On-line Information on Fungi" (Systematic
Botany and Mycology Lab. - USDA, ARS. USA) has been of special help  in this
task. Authors have been standardized according to "Authors of Plant Names"
(BRUMMITT & POWELL, 1992). For geographic recording, "World geographical
Scheme for Recording Plant Distribution"  (HOLLIS & BRUMMITT, 1992) has
been followed, and level 4 precision is given for almost all the records. In
addition to this,  locality, as well as other label details are recorded as
stated on the labels. No effort has been made to check the names against the

As a follow-up, we expect to make available in a not too distant future, the
whole cryptogamic collections database, which currently contains information
of over 75.000 specimens of Algae, Bryophytes, Lichens, and Fungi. In the
meantime, information requests can be made to the address given below. We
welcome any suggestion to improve the data as well as the way they are

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