chasing old orchid name

Sat Mar 4 08:59:32 CST 1995

Two questions:

1. Can anyone tell me if Pogonia pendula (aka Arethusa parviflora, Arethusa
trianthophoros, Arethusa pendula, Triphora pendula) is a synonym for Triphora
trianthophora? It is described (1825 botanical magazine) as North American
(Canada to Georgia) with "elegant little pendulous white and pink flowers"
 but my search of meagre available resources and Grays via gopher don't pair
these names with Tt.

2.  Since I sporadically come up with these problems (being a collector of
antique prints of non-tropical NA orchids) are there Internet searchable
sites that would have the extensive historical taxonomic information that
would help me?  I checked the Flora of NA but orchids didn't seem to be
searchable and as I noted, Gray's Herbarium didn't have any of these names as
synonyms for for any of the Triphora trianthophora ssp in the gopher file.
I prefer to do my own rooting around rather than bothering busy people.

Thanks for any assistance.

Kate McCain
College of Information Studies
Drexel University

mccainkw at
ÿÿ    chasing old orchid name

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