Cool drying

Lammers lammers at FMNH785.FMNH.ORG
Tue Mar 14 13:54:46 CST 1995

I have had good luck for many years with cool drying, preparing specimens
of most angiosperms with good color retention and minimum shrinkage.
Generally, the presses are placed on a concrete sidewalk or wooden deck
in full sunshine, with the corrugations oriented to the prevailing
winds.  I do not change corrugates or newspapers and do not use blotters.
I also have good results from placing an ordinary window fan up against
the corrugates, forcing cool air rapidly through the press.

The exception is plants with a thick latex, such as Asclepias.  Without
at least some gentle heat, they turn into a mass of fungus-chow.  Not
a pretty sight.  I suspect that succulents might present similar problems,
but we haven't too many of those 'round Chicago ...

Thomas G. Lammers
Department of Botany
Field Museum of Natural History         lammers at
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