Identification Software

stephen gough sgough at S850.MWC.EDU
Fri Mar 17 10:30:45 CST 1995

To supplement traditional methods of identifying vascular plants (mostly
trees and shrubs) in a Plant Ecology course, I would like to construct a
software-based system for common items.  I don't need the rigor of a
DELTA-based system; rather I would like something that uses simple
descriptive characteristics (perhaps a list of characteristics up front)
and then determines one or more possible "hits," with the option to view
line art or photographs on screen.  Does anyone know what software I
might use to construct something like this?  It should be PC-compatible,
and operation under Windows would be nice.


Steve Gough
Stephen Gough
Biol. Sci./Mary Washington College
sgough at
703-899-4765; 703-899-4766 (fax)

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