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On Fri, 17 Mar 1995, stephen gough wrote:

> To supplement traditional methods of identifying vascular plants (mostly
> trees and shrubs) in a Plant Ecology course, I would like to construct a
> software-based system for common items.  I don't need the rigor of a
> DELTA-based system; rather I would like something that uses simple
> descriptive characteristics (perhaps a list of characteristics up front)
> and then determines one or more possible "hits," with the option to view
> line art or photographs on screen.  Does anyone know what software I
> might use to construct something like this?  It should be PC-compatible,
> and operation under Windows would be nice.
> Thanks.
> Steve Gough
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> Stephen Gough
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Perhaps a different approach may work better in the long run.  Why not
look outside of whatever is specialized in taxonomy and ecology and seek
a generic software application?

Asymmetrix Toolbook is a software development application that permits
you to paint a screen representing a database record.  By entering
information inot the fields, you specify search criteria for sorting the
available records.  Each change in a field entry results in a change in
the little window that indicates the number of records satisying the
search.  Merely keep going until the number is acceptable (hopefully 1!!!).

Your development time is directed to 1) database screen painting, and 2)
record entry.  There are any third party vendor applications on the
market based on this developer's package.  For instance, a system for
cataloging stamps or coins.  With a little thought, this package may
provide what you want.  It runs in Windows, comes with an unlimited
Runtime license, and is apparently bug-free (at least, I haven't
encountered any bug messages in the trade journals).

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