surplus time for botanists

Mon Mar 20 10:16:56 CST 1995

I am sure that the reference to suplus time for Botanists was in
jest, and well taken.  My experience over the years is that
botanists are dealing with a somewhat more plastic species concept,
at least in comparison to what zoologists work with.  Verne Grant's
book on Plant Speciation many years ago put together about 10
different species concepts which covered the various botanical
loopholes.  Each of them were good definitions.  I don't know how
many times I stare at a herbarium specimen with irritation
knowing that it certainly is not a representative to the true
variation of a population....and yet on the other hand, herbaria are
burdened with the "peculiar" and the "sports" which always crop up in
a population.

Looking at these things takes a lot of time.

I certainly agree with the comments of others...that what we see in
our experience, which might span several years, is only a moment in
time of evolution.   Binomials are fine...for now.  It might change
when more data are in......and when someone publishes a book called
"DNA Plantarum."


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