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Wed Mar 22 12:28:08 CST 1995

Hi!  My name is Jody Pagan.  I am a biologist participating in the
Americorp Program.  I have compiled data on all Listed Threatened and
Endangered species in the state of Arkansas.  I have also compiled
data on the category 1 and 2 species that we track in the state.
After completing a statewide search for occurrences using the
Arkansas Natural Heritage Commissions database, mapping these
occurrences, and compiling species descriptions, I realize that there
are many unanswered questions about Species of Federal Concern.
Plant Species seem to get less recognition than species like the Bald
Eagle.  I guess this should not sock me, people recognize large more
popular species more readily than some small cryptic plant like
Geocarpon minimum that is only present in a few states.
    I am afraid that people outside the scientific community do not
realize the impact of the extinction of even one small plant.  There
could be a loss of whole community types. As we a scientist know,
each species occupies a trophic level in a food chain.  Therefore,
other species in the community are dependent on that species. The
loss of the first species could mean the loss of a second and so on.
And who knows one of these species that is on the borderline of
extinction could produce the cure for AIDS OR CANCER. It is sicking to
hear the opinion of some Senator or Congressman who says "Of what
value is this species to the human population?".  All species are
important to the planet and to hear this type of talk makes me wonder
in which direction we as a people are headed. So little is known
about the chemical make-up of most of the plant species it is unreal.
Restoration of some species is a big question mark.
      I finish my tour in July of 1995. I would like to continue
working for the Threatened and Endangered Species of the World.  If
any of you know of any job openings or, Please send me an E-mail
I am a 23 year old white male.  I have data management and field


Jody Pagan
1500 Tower Building
323 Center Street
Little Rock, Arkansas  72201
Telephone: (501) 324-9765           Pagan's Quote of the Week:
                                    "WILD THINGS ARE GROOVY"..JP


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