Bishop Museum Ichthyology Collection on FishGopher

Arnold Y. Suzumoto glassman at BISHOP.BISHOP.HAWAII.ORG
Thu Mar 23 17:33:05 CST 1995

Bishop Museum is pleased to announce that as of this posting, a portion of
its databased fish collection (approximately 2,400 lots) has been added to
FishGopher, the World-Wide-Web-supported online pooled database of fish
resources coordinated by Julian Humphries at Cornell University.
Currently, data are being ported to Cornell for inclusion, but it is
expected that Bishop Museum will have an interactive node soon.  More data
will be made available as the present effort to database the collection

The Museum applauds the efforts of those who have made datasharing of this
type possible, and encourages enhancements to make accessibility and
participation as wide-ranging as is feasible.

To access Fishgopher, at your unix prompt, type
<gopher 70> and choose Fishgopher.

Arnold Y. Suzumoto
Collections Manager
Bishop Museum
Box 19000
Honolulu, HI  96817

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