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Julian Humphries jmh3 at CORNELL.EDU
Fri Mar 24 11:51:50 CST 1995

>For the benefit of readers and please forward to interested colleagues,
>Through the generosity of Jean Thioulouse and Shunguo Liu, WWW pages have
>been set-up for the lists of botany and ecology-related WWW sites that I
>posted earlier on TAXACOM and ECOLOG-L, respectively. The lists will be
>updated periodically as additions and corrections are received.
>List of WWW Sites of Interest to Botanists
>List of WWW Sites of Interest to Ecologists

As a reminder to Taxacom and Ecolog-L readers, every URL that gets
included in a Taxacom message is automagically available as a clickable
link in the Hypermail Taxacom archives on


Both the Brach version and the Liu version are quite usable as is
as are the links listed above. Be sure and include properly specified
URL's in any Taxacom posting so that browsers of the archives can access
online resources that your messages refer to.

Thanks for these compilations, I found many new, fascinating sites.

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