Fellow life forms and inani

Warren Lamboy warren_lamboy at QMRELAY.MAIL.CORNELL.EDU
Tue Mar 28 10:27:23 CST 1995

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  OFFICE MEMO          Fellow life forms and inanimate...

I agree with sentiments expressed by both Meredith Lane and Richard Jensen.

I value my fellow life forms and inanimate objects because (at least until
recently in the earth's history) they have evolved and have continued to exist
without human intervention.  It is precisely because they exist without my
needing to take care of them that they are so valuable and beautiful to me.
(That also accounts for my being a 'nature snob' -- I have a strong preference
for native plants in native habitats over cultivated plants in well-cared-for
gardens.  Of course even cultivated plants are native somewhere!)  They are
marvelous external manifestations of the forces at work within me.  At the
most basic level:  "They're just like me."  And I love them for it.  -  Warren

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