What can we do about it?

Tue Mar 28 23:33:19 CST 1995

That damn tax deduction (more for more kids)
is one of the very most important things to
contact Congress about (that and constantly trying to get through their
*thick* skulls that population is the root cause of all our problems--more
prisons, the death penalty, and denying welfare to unwed mothers are merely
band-aids for the symptoms)....this country is still behaving as though
50% of all kids die before age 5, and large families are needed to work
the farms. Though the US infant mortality rate is actually much higher
than that of many other "first world" countries, nonetheless the chances
of survival for _every_ child are very high. And, the number of family
farms is decreasing radically. We've got a tax code based on an
eighteenth century mentality still in place in a twenty-first century
world (and US graduate schools are the envy of the world!--something is
very wrong here).

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