Syst.Agenda2000-Leiden Meeting

Thu Mar 30 14:54:53 CST 1995

>From 14--17 May the Linnean Society of London, jointly with the Systematics
Network of the European Science Foundation, the Systematics Association,
and the Rijksherbarium/Hortus Botanicus of Leiden University will be
organising a workshop entitled "Systematics Agenda 2000 - The Challenge for
Europe -- the action plan". The workshop is intended as a follow-up of the
various presentations of the Syst.Agenda 2000 in Europe last year, and should
result in an action plan through which the considerable systematic biological
resources (in terms of manpower, expertise and collections) in Europe can be
more effectively utilised to contribute substantially to achieving the
ambitious goals set forth in the Agenda.
The workshop is open to participants from all over the world, because the
workship will not only focus on systematic studies of organisms occurring in
Europe, but also on the European contributions to the study of animals, plants
and fungi outside Europe, especially the tropics. Input from Non-European
'users' of these often unsollicited contributions will be highly appreciated.
Apart from a number of plenary lectures on general topics, 5 working
groups will be presented with drafts for the action plan on:
European and Non-European Animal Biodiversity (chaired by Naumann & Tuerkay)
Microbial & Fungal Biodiversity (chaired by Hawksworth)
European and Non-European Plant Biodiversity (chaired by 'vacancy' & Roos).

Attention will also focus on concerted efforts for funding systematic research
and collection in the European Union.

Due to logistic reasons the first announcements were circulated rather late.
There is therefore still room for a number of registrants for this workshop.
The attractive historical setting of the old University City of Leiden (where
Linnaeus made some of his important early contributions to Systematics) should
provide an additional incentive for travelling to the Netherlands in May.

For further information please contact Dr. John Marsden, Executive Secretary
of the Linnean Society, Burlington House, Piccadily, London W1V 0LQ, UK
(e-mail IN%"John at") or me.
We look forward to see you in Leiden!

Pieter Baas

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