What can we do about it? - reply

Shawn Landry (BIO) landry at CHUMA.CAS.USF.EDU
Thu Mar 30 07:59:41 CST 1995

On Wed, 29 Mar 1995, Richard Jensen wrote:

> One way to slow down the rate of population growth, which is perhaps the
> best first step, is to lengthen the generation time.  Good educational
> programs that encourage young women to delay the time when they start
> their families are to be encouraged and fostered (the males must also be
> included in this).  If nothing else, this at least extends the life-span
> of non-replaceable resources.

I couln't agree with this more.  But, being a poor graduate student, I
think a major change in our economic structure is needed to make this

-Shawn Landry

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