are you guys biologists?

Thu Mar 30 12:55:29 CST 1995

Will all the blather about overpopulation, it is hard to believe we are
listening to anyone with even a modicum of evolutionary training.  Humans
are biological entities, and will behave within the evolutionary framework
that has brought them to this point.  All such entities will reproduce to
the extent possible, in hopes of making it into the next cycle, or more
truthfully, past the current enbodyment.  A few wierdos with overly
zealous educations will not have any effect on the other 5 billion +.

Basically, people are going to destroy the world as we know it if the
do-gooders get their way.  The only country to really do anything about
overpopulation in recent years is Rwanda!  Remember Malthus!  We try to
eliminate ugly and catastrophic deaths, removing Malthus' population
controls, and now look at the mess we have.  We need rampant disease,
high infant mortallity, and weapons of mass destruction.  Plus, we in the
developed world can then sell the weapons, and stay fat, happy and safe!
(1984 ring any bells?)

The other possibilities are that after massive extinctions, which will
probably include Homo sapiens (what a dumb name, given this discussion,
perhaps 11100010101010100010 is better), the biological world will evolve
back into a fantastic and diverse place, different but comperable to today.
The main difference is that most of the plants will trace their ancestory
to corn, soybeans, and eucalyptus, and the only vertebrates will be from
the rat lineage.  Of course, the beetles will still rule the earth.

Its time to be biologists.

Mike Ivie

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