1996 Society of Systematic Biologists' Symposia

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Wed Mar 1 16:04:23 CST 1995



The Society of Systematic Biologists invites proposals for symposia for the
1996 SSB meetings in St. Louis, Missouri.  A proposal should include 1) a
descriptive title, 2) one or two paragraphs explaining the purpose of the
symposium and its relevance to systematics, 3) a list of the presentations,
including proposed speakers, institution, and title, 4) the length of each
talk and total duration of the symposium (half-day, etc.).  Proposed
speakers should have already agreed to participate.  Some funds are
available, but proposals should indicate all anticipated sources of

The target date for receipt of proposals is 15 May 1995.  These will be
discussed at the SSB Council meeting during the 1995 Montreal meetings.
Soon after, organizers will be notified of the status of their proposals.

Proposals should be sent by email to: catfish at mail.utexas.edu (David
Cannatella, Dept. Zoology, Univ. Texas, Austin, Texas, 78712; phone
512-471-5302/9776).  ASCII text files are acceptable; a binhex conversion
of a Microsoft Word (Macintosh) document is better.

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