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s501456 at IDY46.TFH-BERLIN.DE s501456 at IDY46.TFH-BERLIN.DE
Thu Mar 2 12:27:09 CST 1995

For my thesis on the Giant Sequoia of the Sierra Nevada ( Sequoiadendron
giganteum ) I am looking for electronic images of the beetle Phymatodes nitidus
that plays an important role in the reproduction of the Sequoia.

- Does anyone have pictures of that beetle and would be willing send it to me
- Does anyone know where I could get pictures from ( I already tried
         and I searched the Gillette Entomology Slide

I would highly appreciate any suggestions.

Martina Pichon                                E-Mail : s501456 at
Technische Fachhochschule Berlin (Germany)
Department of Horticulture

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