Boojum (fwd)

John McNeill johnm at ROM.ON.CA
Sat Mar 11 01:00:07 CST 1995


I have been intrigued by the "Of cabbages and kings" correspondence
that Karen stimulated - maybe because we had a recent ceramic
exhibition, devoted to realistic vegetable dishes for royal tables, with
this title.

Your account of the "boojum" was new to me (I know it prosaically in
English as "fouqueria") - and delightful.  Seeing so many on a recent
trip to Tucson emphasises the appropriateness of the account.

Glad to get the full reference - not a Lewis Carroll fan, but must look
it up.  Thanks.

John McNeill
ÿÿ    Boojum (fwd)                                                            2E

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